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New design

04 October 2012

«Yesgroup» studio hurries to share remarkable news. In spite of the fact that our team continuously works with new and familiar for a long time clients, nevertheless we have found some time for the site’s redesign. Probably, some people will have a question – what to do Internet resource’s redesign for, if there is a wide range of other orders? But any business should progress constantly, that is why web site processing is an obligatory, important and interesting occupation.

In this world everything has property to become "yesterday's". So, the site "grows old" over time and needs modernization. The Internet differs with prompt development therefore it is always necessary to correspond to inquiries and new trends. Our team tries to do everything in order to "Yesgroup" site was always modern because we want to be actual all the time. Site’s redesign allows become more demanded and popular in visitors.

What we have done:

  • We used the latest technological development;
  • We updated information;
  • Improved navigation for more convenient using a site;
  • Improved structure and a usability;
  • And still there is a lot of everything to be pleasant to existing and potential clients.

Especially carefully we worked over the site interface. We used all possible for creation of pleasant, not dull and, the main thing, clear external registration.

We don't deny, that redesign of own resource we have done to expand client base and to keep the partner relations with wide range of the companies. We have a desire to correspond to successful competitors, to keep up with the times and to retain positive image of studio. However, whether it desire of any company?

As someone of great people has told: "To be irreplaceable, it is necessary to change all the time". We hope, you estimate our diligence!